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Our Girls' Corner

I like R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. because it helps me learn how to become a better person. It also takes me out of my comfort zone and I learn new things. ~ Nickyla Graham (8)

R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. has impacted my life as I became a young woman. Learning to be independent and got me ready for the college life. I’ve been in the mentoring program since middle school and now I’m at Florida Memorial College, I wake up daily reminding myself to love me and be confident and everything I do. ~ Kayla Shoats (20)

R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. is the BEST and my mentor ROCKS! ~ Layana Alonso (12)


Our Parents' Corner

I love being a parent of R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. I have learned to listen to my daughter instead of always being so hard on her. R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. has made a great change in my daughter and also me. We share wonderful bonding time with our beautiful young ladies. I recommend all parents to get their daughters involved. ~ Kynesha Robinson

As a parent it feels phenomenal to have a group of inspirational, motivational and caring women to assist in guiding my daughter. THANK YOU R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. ~ Shonta Brown

My daughter has been a part of this great program for the last 3 years and I feel as a parent that R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. has strengthen my daughter to become a respectable young lady. R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. helps the young ladies to know that they are somebody! Also they allow them to open up and deal with what’s going on in the world today. I love the mentors and the program. OUR GIRLS ROCK! ~ Lashawn Hutchins

I'm pleased with R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. I've seen my daughter blossom out of her shell thanks to the mentors and their dedication and hard work. ~ Safiyyah Houston

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